Cartoon Style (With Horizontally Scrolling Image)

Let’s continue with the Art Journey that we’ve been on. In the last post, we encountered a style of art that was meant to be thought-provoking in more of a “cerebral” manner , with rather complex black and white images and shapes. In this post, we will see images in more of a “cartoon” style, with bright, bold colors and shapes, and cute characters.

These images will probably strike you as being more on the humorous, maybe even silly, side. At any rate, they’re sort of meant to make you smile – while also having a little touch of satire to them. So cruise on forward, and enter into a fun part of the creative voyage that we’ve been undertaking…

The Bunny And The Cat

The Bunny And The Cat

He sits back coolly, reclining fully in snazzy razzmatazz
He’s one cool cat, and he doesn’t wear a hat, as he lays back and listens to jazz.

He’s built his fortune on sightings of Neptune and selling land on the moon
– and almost everyone he talks to ends up seeing the stars, and then dancing to his tune.

He’s got an accomplice, she’s a cute little bunny, and she helps him cut his deals
And though she walks kind of funny, she ain’t no dummy, as her sleight of mind reveals.

Yes, the Bunny and the Cat make a good team; for them fortune comes easy, it seems. And the Bunny and the Cat don’t cut no corners, as they drive on straight for their dreams.

Their mansion is flowery, and its size overpowering, and it sits in a classy locale – and the views from the veranda are always awe-inspiring, and attract many a fine feathered pal.

Yes, the Bunny and the Cat have got it made – and the Bunny and the Cat have been well paid. They really don’t expect their fortunes to fade – ’cause they really think they’ve Made the Grade!

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

OOPS! This image (above), along with a poem and commentary, appears in a previous post. Click Here, if you will, to see it in a separate window . Then you can come back to this current post and compare them with the following “derivative image” and “derivative poem”:

Sweet Dreams On The Run

Sweet Dreams On The Run

Sweet Dreams On The Run (AKA: Sweet Dreams 2)

A while ago I had a thought
which drifted gently through my mind
Then suddenly a gust arose
to blow the daydream from my mind

The real world had intruded rudely
to wake me from my dreams
And jar me coldly with its gale
so cruelly, it seems

And now that tasty daydream
is but a memory in the stars
Where did it go? For all I know
it’s been blown away past Mars!

He Who Would Be King

He Who Would Be King

He sits there always dreaming of the pride he’s been denied –
a would be king and master of the jungle far and wide.
He should have been a ruler with a lioness by his side,
to share his hard won glory with his elevated bride.

His disappointment lingers and is something he can’t hide;
it remains forever deep inside – his ever wounded pride.

He has fine-feathered friends who come and sit upon his crown,
and they try their best to comfort him, knowing fate has let him down.

And while the tears roll down the cheeks of this ever saddened clown, the dream within has never died,
and he sits there starry-eyed.

BTW: This image, along with a different poem appears in a previous post. Click Here to view .

A Fun Cartoon Triptych of Silliness and Satire

A Fun Cartoon Triptych of Silliness and Satire


NOTES ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS: These images were drawn by hand, and screen printed. They are done in a cartoon style. Aside from the obvious humor, there is also an added touch of “Satire” to them.

You might have also noticed that, like the images that appear in the previous segment, these images are constructed of discrete visual elements, or components (“Intercontexted”). But in this case, the use of solid bright colors is heavily emphasized.

I wrote the rhyming “poetry” as I looked at the images, and got ideas from them. And so the ideas which were based on images were expressed in words, thus in effect translating the “Visual” to the “Verbal” .

About the “Derivative Design” and “Derivative Poem”: Remember the “derivative design” and “derivative poem” that you saw earlier in this post? Let’s look a little into this thing above making “derivative concepts” from an existing concept…

First, let’s see the images again, a little smaller this time:


Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Because the “Sweet Dreams” image and poem had appeared in an earlier post, I decided to make some alterations to the image and to the poem, thereby getting a “derivative concept” from them:


Sweet Dreams On The Run

Sweet Dreams On The Run

It’s obvious that the images are closely related – a simple “horizontal flip” of the original image is all it took to get the second image, and this shows some of the “mathematical tricks” that you can do with images that have been put into the computer.

Then I looked at the derivative image, while also referring to the original poem, and wrote the derivative poem based on these. To me, the derivative image has a different “feel” to it, like it has a kind of instability and imbalance to it. This is of course a subjective opinion, but it influenced how I wrote the derivative poem (the “feeling” conveyed in it), based on all this.

Taking the derivative image and the derivative poem together, we get a kind of derivative concept, “Sweet Dreams On The Run”, in context.

In a way, it could be said that

d/d (“Sweet Dreams”) = “Sweet Dreams On The Run”

-that is, the “Sweet Dreams On The Run” concept is a DERIVATIVE of the “Sweet Dreams” concept.

While we’re at it, it might even be possible to say that the “inverse” of this (in context) would be

∫ “Sweet Dreams On The Run” = “Sweet Dreams”

(Now, this is actually a misapplication of some kind of idea from math into a creative context, but it’s fun to do, so I do it.) Wanna see another “misapplication” of a math idea into a creative context? Click Here.

The designs in this post are available on an assortment of products!

BTW: Starry Seas is the name of one of the shops I have online. Click Here to visit.

OK, now let’s see how the images in this post fit into the train of thought that we’ve been riding on in the Art Journey:

Moving From A Thoughtful Style Into A Cartoon Style

Moving From A Thoughtful Style Into A Cartoon Style


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