Birdies -n- Palm Trees (With Horizontally Scrolling Image)

We’re continuing with the experimental “Art Journey” that we’ve been on for many posts now, this time moving into a series of images featuring depictions of tropical palm trees and birds, in a number of different art styles…

Expressionistic Palm 1

Expressionistic Palm 1

Fun and sun, work’s left undone
Balmy breeze and rustling palm trees
Waves a breakin’ on the shore
Weary spirits to restore
Silly moods and restless hearts
Then at the seaside romance starts!

Psychological Notes: There’s something about the combination of sun, palm trees and ocean that brings out the carefree side human nature. Is this why everyone seems to dream of escaping to the tropics?

Expressionistic Palm 2

Expressionistic Palm 2

Gazing out over the ocean
The sun moves down close to the sea
The wind rustles gently through palm trees
And fond memories call out to me.

Psychological notes: When I’m alone at the seaside, I tend to find myself gazing out over the ocean and reflecting on things. When I see others alone at the seashore, they often seem to be doing the same thing. What is it about this setting that seems to cause this tendency towards solitary introspection?

Postmodern Palm Bird

Postmodern Palm Bird Revisited

Cool night breeze and swanky palm trees beckon in the night
Along the shores the wavelets lap, twinkling in the starlight
And high above the world she sits, luxuriant and pretty
She’s taking in the night views of her seaside resort city
It’s a pastime of which she’s quite fond
Which takes her mind to worlds beyond –
Sitting in her penthouse, way up in the palm fronds!

Contextual Notes: This image also appears in an earlier Art Journey entry. The commentary here is written in a more poetic manner, to fit the context of this segment.

Psychological Notes: Is this a form of “Postmodern Escapism”?

Palm Bird

Palm Bird

Cute and charming little birdie sits pretty on the palm frond,
Comfy cozy, heart at ease
swaying gently in the warm breeze.

She’s thinking fondly of her Love
and her children she’s so proud of
She thinks of how good her life has been
and thanks the stars above.

The Bird Family

The Bird Family

…And now she’s home with family –
with her Love and children three.

The children sing and play in glee
their hearts and spirits ever free;
they’re being watched with loving care –
they’re perched so way up high up there!

And as the children chirp and sing
the happiness of Family rings
It’s almost like an endless Spring –
It’s what you’d call “Love on the Wing”!

Contextual Notes: While the expression “Love on the Wing” has often been used to refer to a short-lived “fling”, it is recontexted here to mean something much deeper. After all, the family members here are all endowed with wings!

Birdies And Palm Trees

Birdies -n- Palm Trees

Here we have a “Frieze” of Birdies -n- Palm Trees…


NOTES ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS: The first two images in this segment were painted in an “Expressionistic” style. The image in the center was done on computer using vector graphics, in a bold “Postmodern” style. The last two images were done in pastel, in a soft, dreamy kind of style. I have a tendency to switch styles whenever I switch art mediums. So note how the feeling, or “Ethos” of the images changes with the medium.

RHYMING POETRY BASED ON IMAGES – I wrote the rhyming poetry as I looked at the images, and got ideas from them. And so the ideas which were based on images were expressed in words, thus in effect translating the “Visual” to the “Verbal” .

SPECTRUM OF STYLES – This segment of the Journey was meant to show a kind of “spectrum of styles”, where the media and drawing methods changed, while the content – Palm Trees and Birds – formed a kind of unifying factor or theme to the sequence of images.

And now let’s fit this latest series of images in with the train of thought that we’ve been riding on for the last number of posts:

Cartoons -n- Birdies -n- Palm Trees

Cartoons -n- Birdies -n- Palm Trees


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