The First Post

This is an experimental creative journey of the mind. I will be creating, organizing, and presenting art, poetry and other expressions using a variety of approaches and styles, but always emphasizing spontaneity in the process.

Everybody comes into this world equipped with a mind. The mind is a complex and often mysterious entity. While we are so accustomed to dealing with the practical demands of day to day living, making conscious and logical decisions, we are often not aware of the part of our beings that are influenced by the subconscious mind – that large part of the mind that lies submerged beneath the surface, like the part of the iceberg that you can’t readily see. Have you ever just let your mind wander where it will, and let yourself drift along with your thoughts and imagination, as it takes you on a creative ride? You might be surprised with what wells up from your subconscious mind, and gets your “left brain” and “right brain” a-going at each other, in a kind of creative dance!

This site is a documentation of an ongoing “experiment” and “journey” through the seas of imagination and creativity. The content will range from the fun and silly to the flowing and poetic, and some of it will even shade more to the dark side of existence. I will try to make sure that most of the content is suitable for all audiences, although some of it might actually require a wide open mind to properly appreciate –

Enjoy the Voyage!

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