Political Schemes and Dreams (Another Ruby Has Turned to Rust)

Vote For ME!!!

Vote For ME!!!

It’s election time again, and once again, the media and even the internet has been blitzed with an array of political messages and advertisements. I’m not surprised to be surprised once again at how many of these political messages are built such that one political candidate is busily exposing the “bad things” about the “other guy”.

Kind of reminds me of this poem:

Another Ruby Has Turned to Rust

lack of attraction
evasive action
a bad reaction –
busted transaction!

The lofty dreams
and endless schemes
to great extremes
taken, it seems

They all lie broken
and left unspoken –
unfulfilled tokens
of dreams awoken
and rudely broken

He lived two lives
while he connived
Now public eyes
see all his lies

Object of trust
now turned to dust
The public trust
has gone to bust

Confidence stunned,
Public disgust –
Another ruby
has turned to rust!

(Hey, who the hell can we trust, anyway??? No wonder they say that there are two things that one should never try to discuss: Religion, and Politics… :-))

Political Differences

Political Differences

BTW: The two guys in the picture have been involved in arguments over other things as well – click Here or Here to see what else they have argued over…

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