Ghost Date! (Halloween Poem)

Tombstone Cat with Ghost Date

Ghost Date!

This is a “spookily” silly poem for Halloween:
Ghost Date

In the calendar on your wall
there lurks a ghostly date
It’s not October Thirty One
but it marks your final fate

You can find your day of birth
and figure out your age
but somewhere in the year there lies
the day you’ll leave this worldly stage

It’s hidden somewhere on the page
it lurks there like a ghost
you know not when that day will come
so of tomorrow never boast

We came here on our birthday
to dance upon the earth
and we’ll leave it on a Ghost-date
the day we’ll be Dispersed.

It does no good to fear it
it will come for everyone
so be happy and be merry
before your life is done!

NOTES: I think it’s safe enough to say that Halloween is a kind of “holiday” in which we can take a fun view of some of the darker things in life – such as death. And so the poem above kind of makes fun of that ghostly date which lurks somewhere in the calendar for everyone. We’ll all get to turn into ghosts someday…

CONTEXTUAL NOTES: You may have noticed that the past few posts in this website (including this one) have been about some of the “darker sides” of life. Not everyone is comfortable thinking about these things, although they are true. Thus, at around Halloween time, I thought that it would be a more “socially appropriate” time to present this kind of subject matter, as people tend to be sort of thinking about these kinds of things in the light of Halloween. After all, it seems that Halloween is meant to view these “dark” kinds of things in a “light” and even humorous manner… (And I’ve tried to put a little bit of silliness and humor into the past few posts as well-)

(Even during the rest of the year, these posts will be archived in the “October” timeframe, and when you think of October, what holiday do you also think of?)

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Tombstone Cat with Ghost Date

Ghost Date!

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