All Alone In A Dark Place Late At Night

I Don't Believe, Unless...

I Don't Believe, Unless...

All Alone In A Dark Place Late At Night

I don’t believe in ghosts-
that what I like to boast
But now I’m all alone here
in a dark place late at night
And rising up within me
I feel a sense of fright

Oh no, I don’t believe in ghosts
it’s all just superstition
But treading in the darkness
arouses my suspicion

It’s easy to deny the spooks
when daylight shineth bright
But can you claim the same
when you’re all alone
at half-past midnight?

I think I feel the presence of a being-
a being I can’t see
Is it floating up above me
or behind me, following me?
Oh, come on now, it’s only in my mind
I know there’s no such thing as ghosts
and everything will be just fine

Did I just hear something moving
or was it just the wind?
Did something brush against me
and rub me on the chin?
Could it be this place is haunted
could it be that ghosts are real?
No way, Jose – it’s all a hoax
now could you kindly, please, get real???

Must be that it’s late at night
and I’m just imagining things-
Must be all those scary movies
have given me chicken skin…

So I listen to the silence
a-ringing in my ears
and I breathe in deep and swallow hard
in trying to quell my fears;
Still the goose bumps populate my skin
as I quiver deep within
And I feel my neck hairs bristling
as my courage is chagrined

I Ain't Scared Of Ghosts...

FIB Followed by FESS

Yes, I know full well that ghosts ain’t real
they’re all just make believe
But I find myself a-lookin’ ’round me
though there’s nothing I can see
And rising up inside me
is the desperate urge to flee!

I ain’t no fool
I’ve been to school
And yet,

Midnight Express Ghost

Midnight Express

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