Traffic Jam!

If you’ve been following this website for any length of time, you know that I have been experimenting with a kind of conceptual “Art Journey” through many of the past entries in the site. We’ve seen many different styles of art, all meant to fit together into an unbroken sequence of images, along with writings based on these images. And along the way, we even got stuck in Traffic at times, as no Journey is ever perfect…

The previous section of the Art Journey might have been just a little bit surreal –

Time, Space, and Cosmos

Through Space, Time, and Cosmos

but meanwhile, back at the “Moody” stoplight that we have sometimes gotten stuck at…

Let’s check out what’s happening at the Stoplight-

Meanwhile Back At Stoplight

Once again, we now turn backwards into space and time...

Looks like we have a TRAFFIC JAM here!

Traffic Jam

Looks Like We Have a Traffic Jam Here!

We’ve got a traffic jam here, and it’s too late to steer clear
Things are backed up in the front, and they’re backed up in the rear
It’s our deepest darkest fear
that this will never disappear

-I have a class to go to
and I might never reach the school!
-I was supposed to see a lawyer
at a half-a-“K” an hour!
-I was going to a wedding
now I’m sitting here a-fretting!
-My wife is going to have a baby
now can we get things moving, maybe?!?!?

When can we get things back in gear-
how could it all be so severe?
We’re being bored almost to tears
and have had it to our ears!
Is there relief anywhere near —
Or are we destined to be stranded here
until the ending of the year?

Here’s a bigger picture – Can you feel their Mood now?

Traffic Jam

Looks Like We Have a Traffic Jam Here!


Moody Stoplight Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam at the Moody Stoplight

At many a street corner
wherever you may go,
A strange device is standing
and putting on a show

And all who pass beside it
take notice of its show
for they must stop or they must go
depending on its glow

Sometimes there is a green glow
and then the traffic flows
But when the light turns yellow
all moods become less mellow –
There is suspense
the drivers tense
for they can sense
what’s shown two seconds hence.

And then the light turns red
and what more can be said –
The traffic stops
the moods, they drop
they sit there, faces all a-plop
all staring at the light on Top!

The Moody Stoplight runs the show
it makes us stop and makes us go
Our moods grow heavy or grow light
all with the color of a light!

When you come to a Moody Stoplight
ask yourself – is your mood right?
Based on the color of the light
it may be heavy, may be light —

Moody Stoplight – How’s Your Mood Light?
Moody Stoplight – Is Your Mood Right?
Whether they’re heavy, or they’re light
our moods all swing – with Moody Stoplight!

Bigger Picture (…and how’s your Mood Light???)

Moody Stoplight Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam at the Moody Stoplight

It’s the Moody Stoplight Again!

Moody Stoplight
You may have seen this guy before
some time prior in this Tour

But we thought it nice to end
this little segment with our Friend-
Moody Stoplight!

(…And how’s your Mood Light?)

Traffic Jam!

Moody Traffic Jam!

Moody Traffic Jam!

These images were drawn on computer using vector graphics. The written commentaries were inspired by the images. (Yes, even a traffic jam can inspire “poetry”… 🙂 )

Train of Thought:

Now let’s hook up the sequence of images from this post to the sequence of images from the last entry of the Art Journey series-

Surreal Moody Traffic Jam

Surrealism Gets Stuck in a Traffic Jam at the (Moody) Stoplight!

Note: To view the above image as a long horizontally scrolling image, click on the image, and then click on the image again with the magnifying glass.

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