The Little Caravan (With Horizontally Scrolling Image)

In the Last Post , we took some time to review where we had been in the little “Art Journey” that we are currently undertaking on this website.

Now let’s get back on the “Train of Thought” that we had been riding for the past number of posts, and continue to move forward in this little “voyage” that we’ve been undertaking.

We had recently entered into a passage of enigmatic and fanciful images and commentaries, and continue with this phase of “Fancies and Fantasies” in this entry:

Little Caravan With Rabbits 1

Leader of the Little Caravan Approaches While a Lone Rabbit Under a Palm Tree Watches

A lone rabbit was sitting in the shade of a palm tree doing nothing in particular, when all of a sudden, a little elephant walked in front of him. The elephant must have been journeying for a long time prior to this, and seemed to be steadfast in its forward march to whatever destination it was headed towards.

Little Caravan With Rabbits 2

Little Caravan Approaches as Two Rabbits Sit Under a Palm Tree and Watch

The rabbit watched curiously, and then another elephant, even smaller than the first, appeared, following behind. It looked like a baby elephant. By now, one of the rabbit’s buddies had come to join him, and they both watched curiously as the two little elephants marched resolutely on by.

Little Caravan With Rabbits 3

Little Caravan Proceeds as Parrot Takes a Seat on Palm Tree Above the Rabbits

A third little elephant soon appeared. It was also a baby elephant. A parrot friend of the rabbits happened to be flying by, and he landed on one of the fronds of the palm tree to watch what appeared to be the beginning of a little caravan of elephants pass on by.

Little Caravan With Rabbits 4

Littlest Member of the Little Caravan Comes Into View

They expected to see another elephant in the procession, but were surprised to see a little ladybug come next. Why was the ladybug part of the little “parade”? No one said a word as the little procession filed silently on by.

Little Caravan With Rabbits 5

Little Caravan in Full View at Nightfall

And then there appeared a last little baby elephant in this strange little caravan. They all marched silently and determinedly on by, making nary a sound. By now, the sun had set, and the stars twinkled in the evening sky. The bunnies and their parrot friend knew not what to think of this silent little caravan that had just passed before their little palm tree plot, marching resolutely on in the cool evening air towards their destination. Where were they going? How long and far would they journey? Why were they making this journey? Only the stars would know.

Little Caravan With Rabbits 6

Little Caravan With Rabbits in Sequence

…and so the fancies and fantasies continue. (Will wonders never cease?)


And now let’s fit that last image into the “train of thought” that we’ve been riding on…

The Fancies and Fantasies Continue

The Fancies and Fantasies Continue


NOTES: When I go walking on the beach in the evening twilight, my mind often goes into a kind of dreamy, flowing state of mind, and I just let it drift along with the reflections and enigmas that the setting inspires.

The “story” and images in this post sort of attempt to convey that kind of feeling. In a way, it might be a little bit like the feeling or “ethos” found in the story, The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry .

BTW, I sometimes see this little fellow when I’m walking along the beach in the evening:

Lilliputian Little Juggler

Lilliputian Little Juggler

Want to learn more about him? Click Here .

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