Square But Trendy – Is Less More? (Scrolling Image)

This bold graphic image is composed greatly out of squares, yet has a trendy contemporary look to it. Could it be that Less is More? Scroll down the image to go on a Square but Trendy little art trip!

Squarely Trendy

Squarely Trendy

NOTES: I was looking at some images of the work of artist Piet Mondrian while designing this image. This surely influenced the look of it.

I’ve noticed that people have a tendency to say that Mondrian’s work is “just a bunch of squares” in simple primary colors, and that “anyone could do it”. Nonetheless, he is regarded as a very important artist of the 20th century.

But what is art, anyway? To read a story which centers greatly around this question, click here.

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Squarely Trendy 1
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