Close Encounters Of The Moody Kind (With Horizontally Scrolling Image)

In the last post, we experienced some “night moods” with the “moody stoplight”. Let’s take a closer look on how an encounter with that all too familiar roadside device, the stoplight, can greatly affect your moods and emotions…

Moody Stoplight Ahead

Caution: Moody Stoplight Ahead!

There’s something on the road ahead that bends the moods within your head…

Moody Stoplight Psychology Green Light

Driver SMILES as he sees green light and cruises forward...

You smile when the light shines green
and cruise on forward through the scene…

Moody Stoplight Psychology Yellow Light

Driver goes STRAIGHT-FACED as he sees yellow light and becomes cautious...

But when the light turns yellow
your mood becomes less mellow…

Moody Stoplight Psychology Red Light

Driver FROWNS as he stops at red light and has to wait.

And when the light has turned to red
you think of words best left unsaid!

Moody Stoplight Psychology Sequence

The Psychology of the Moody Stoplight

Moody Stoplight – How’s Your Mood Light?


NOTES ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS: These images were drawn on computer using vector graphics. They were designed to make up a sequence depicting the change of moods one experiences during a typical encounter with a (moody) stoplight.

THE STOPLIGHT AS A “MOOD MACHINE”: In a way, it just might be possible to see the stoplight as a kind of “mood-shifting machine”, which causes your moods to go through a “psychological redshift ” from upbeat, to tense, to grumpy, as the colors change from green to yellow to red. (The colors in the background of the image are actually indicative of the mood of the driver, which changes as the color of the light changes… :-))

PSYCHOLOGICAL NOTES: Isn’t it interesting how such a commonplace device can have such a big impact on our emotions and moods – Think about it the next time you encounter one of them…

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OK, now let’s fit this into the long “train of thought” that we’ve been riding with for the past number of post entries…

Moody Stoplight Night Moods and Psych Moods

Moody Stoplight Night Moods and Psych Moods


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