An Expressionistic Passage (With Horizontally Scrolling Image)

OK, let’s get back on the road again with another installment of the Art Journey series!

In the last segment of the Journey, we saw a soft, dreamy watercolor style.

Cruise on forward now to enter into a bold painterly expressionistic style… Enjoy!

The Recital

The Recital

The Recital

In a clearing in the forest, a recital carries on
The performers strut in song
with the maestro looking on

The forest echoes loudly with their voices as they trill
And the avian divas show their skill
as the audience they thrill

The feline maestro in tuxedo
brims with pride and strokes his ego
Deep inside, he’s satisfied
his fame won’t this time be denied
His masterpiece will Hit worldwide
Or so he thinks – starry-eyed.

And so carries forth the recital
as the avian divas tweet
And the feline maestro watches
and taps a steady beat

Yes, they really think they’ll make it
they think they’ll have a hit
And while the jungle echoes to their song
and their friends all sing along
They think they’ve got a symphony
– but it’s really just CACOPHONY!

Dress To Impress

Status Conscious

Status Conscious

His pride and ego make his day
he’s used to having things his way
You’d better listen to what he says –
for he expects you to obey

He flaunts his wealth to everyone
and taunts the middlings just for fun
He really thinks he’s Number One –
the greatest One under the sun

He dresses up to look you down
and wears his status like a crown
To him he thinks you should bow down
– Now isn’t he a silly Clown?

CONTEXTUAL NOTES: This character appears in a couple of earlier posts in this site. Click here to see him in an earlier segment of the Art Journey series…

And in this next context, he has a kind of sociological and political meaning- Click here to see!

FYI: I painted the original image on a discarded piece of canvas, which had a somewhat irregular shape to it. In order to make the image “more presentable on the internet”, I digitally doctored the edges of the image so that it would fit the image area squarely. Nonetheless, there are some parts of the “doctoring” that were purposely done in a rather careless manner. Can you see where?

The Time Glass

The Time Glass

The Time-Glass

Time hovers o’er the ocean
and drifts across the sea
Suspended in the memories
and the feelings deep in me

The persistent thoughts of days gone past
made of moments gone by fast
Echo through the soul and mind
of joys and sorrows to remind

Ephemeral though our days may be
they live on in our memory –
Moments of time and timelessness
forever there in our awareness
In our own eternities
living in our memories.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION: Imagine the above image upside down. Now what do you see in what was originally the bottom half of the Time Glass?

An Expressionistic Passage

An Expressionistic Passage

Click on image for larger view.

NOTES ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS: These images were painted in an expressionistic style using acrylic paints. The imagery comes from the imagination. The poems were written as I viewed the paintings, and wrote down what entered my mind.

This is where we have been recently in the Art Journey… Can you follow the Train of Thought?

From Dreamy Style To Expressionistic Style

From Dreamy Style To Expressionistic Style

Click on image to view as a long horizontally scrolling image.

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